Not My Best Work

I believe that showing work that you have done that you are not so proud of is a good way to watch your growth and learn from your mistakes. And so that is why I have created a separate page for some work that I have done that I was not so pleased with. A lot of the work you will see on this page, you will see in “My Work” section of my site as well. But they have been edited and fixed. I always enjoy feedback on my work because it never hurts it improve your work and listen to the ideas of others.

Below is a remake of the Official Chapstick Site I made:

Don't Have Chapped Lips.jpg

I was tasked to create or recreate a website related to an item that I pulled out of my pocket and I happened to pick out chapstick.

When I first made this, I honestly thought it was so great until I got some feedback from professors and colleagues. After listening to my feedback, I realized that this remake of the site I made was pretty bad. There is too much going on and way too many colors all on one homepage. There is also a lot of space that I could have filled in but did not. I thought putting a game, a coupon, a new flavor of chapstick and all these other aspects on the homepage would be a great idea. After looking at it a few times after getting feedback I realized it was just too overwhelming and pretty unorganized.

In “My Work” section you will find the revised version of my remake.

Below is my first attempt to creating Pangram:

Pangram Old.jpg

When I first did this pangram I thought it was so great! But after getting feedback on this piece of work I noticed that all the feedback I got could really make this piece of work a lot nicer.

My professors and colleagues suggested that I get rid of the golden edges because it is not necessary. They also told me to line up my text so it looks cleaner. It was also suggested that I make sure the background does not have a bunch of little pixels.

I took all these suggestions and redid this pangram. In “My Work” section you will find the revised version of my remake.

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