The Sugar Shack Truck App:

A Little History:

Sugar Shack Donuts opened in June of 2013 in a small corner building in Richmond, Virginia’s Carver community. The original location was the long time vision of Ian Kelley, the founder and CEO of Sugar Shack Donuts. After many years of traveling the country as a fine dining chef, Ian was looking for a change of pace in his on and off hometown of Richmond.One day after coaching soccer at neighboring Maggie L Walker Governor’s School Ian noticed a for lease sign on the abandoned car lot across the street and immediately felt compelled to sign a lease. And than one of the best places in all of Richmond to get a donut was born.

The Donuts:

Sugar Shack hand rolls and cuts each donut in small batches throughout the day. Skipping the large, automated baking systems found in many of the major chains allows them to provide you with the freshest possible donut at any time of the day. They also use only fresh berries and apples. You’ll never find an Apple Fritter with anything less than a freshly peeled Granny Smith Apple, nor will you find a Strawberry Glazed Donut made with frozen berries. Even their coffee is made with similar attention, as their baristas grind and pull each shot, while manually steaming your choice of milk.

The Truck:

Did you know that Sugar Shack had their own truck? And not just any truck, this specific truck carries gluten free and vegan donuts for all to enjoy. This way Sugar Shack makes sure that everyone gets to experience eating a freshly made donut. Especially in a place like Richmond VA, having a gluten free and vegan donut truck has made so many people happy. Parents can finally take their little ones who can’t eat a regular donut to this truck and watch their little ones enjoy themselves. And likewise for all the parents and adults that want too try these donuts and the ones who can now enjoy a donut because of this truck.

The Facebook page is always filled with hungry folks who are trying to figure out where the truck will be next and so when trying to help Sugar Shack come up with a better way of doing this I came up with an app.

Sugar Shack Truck App:

App 2.jpg


Everybody now a days is always on their phone. It honestly does not matter what time of day it is either. People spend most of their times on their phones and there’s also an app for just about everything now, so why not have a sugar shack app to track the truck?

This app shows you where the current trucks are and where they will be next. It also allows you to watch the trucks move along the map, similar to when you request an Uber. This app will save all the hard working people who are trying to keep up with posting on the Facebook page time. They will no longer need to post where and when the truck will be around because sometimes it simply just does not work out. This tracking system is meant to save people time and money. It will also help increase sales for sugar shack because now people can just pull out their phones and set timers on the app to let them when the truck will be near by. It’s fun and super easy to use.

The app also shows you what sort of donuts they have in the truck currently. This way you get to see all your favorite donuts in one place and know before hand which one you want, where you can find it and what time. It is a win win for everyone!



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