Intoxicated Queen Elizabeth:

I was never sure what I pangram was until looking up the definition. A pangram is a sentence or verse that contains all the letters of the alphabet. After looking up some pangram explains I decided that this particular one was funny, intoxicated Queen Elizabeth vows Mick Jagger is perfection.

I decided to create one myself. The pangram I picked made me think of royalty and simplicity and so I went for that approach.


PAN 1.jpg

I went for that old style feel. The background is script paper and I wanted the text to look like is was written in ink. The word perfection is in red and a lot bigger because I wanted that to be the main focus. This pangram is all about Queen Elizabeth thinking Mick Jagger is perfection and so I wanted that word to stand out from the rest. Intoxicated and Mick Jagger are a lot bigger than the other words as well, similar to the word perfection because I felt that those words were to be focused on as well. It is important to know who Queen Elizabeth is talking about, Mick Jagger and what her current situation is, intoxicated.

I thought this was a fun little project. I wanted it to be very simply, to the point and clean.


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