Chapstick Homepage:

This was my second attempt at recreating the homepage. My first attempt was not the best. It is under the “Not My Best Work” tab. But after getting feedback I wanted to try again and improve my work.

Second Try:


I was tasked to create or recreate a website related to an item that I pulled out of my pocket and I happened to pick out chapstick.

I think my second go at this is a million times better. I took the time to really look into their current site. I made sure that I had all the tabs they did at the top and formatted almost the same. I also picked a focus for the homepage. My focus was the tropical paradise collection. All the colors on the homepage were taken from that main picture so there would not be a million different colors everywhere like in my first attempt. The call to action is also easy to find in this new layout. I have the “buy now” in the main picture and then right below that you will see “show your favorites now” but that will take you away from the homepage. I wanted to add a little teaser to this homepage at the bottom but displaying the tops of the different chapsticks to create curiosity

Overall, I really like this second attempt. I took the feedback given to me and started all over. Sometimes redoing the whole thing is the best way to go about things.


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