Cartoon Face:

This was a fun project that was inspired by the Obama campaign. I always loved what they did with Obama’s face for his campaign. It was creative, different and unexpected.

Obama’s Face:  


After studying the art and creativity behind this idea, I wanted to create my own.

My Face:

Obama Proj - NSA.jpg

I took a picture of myself on my computer and started to cover myself up with colors. As you can see my favorite color is pink and so a lot of this picture contains different shades of pink. This project took me a very long time and at some points I was very frustrated. I never would have thought filling myself in with colors would be difficult but when it came down to the details and shadowing of my face it became really hard. I still really enjoyed working on this. I gave myself a bow in my hair as well because I am extremely girly. I added the word “suave” in the top left corner because I consider myself to be pretty smooth.

Overall, this was a fun project that I thought would be a good way to improve my skills in photoshop and bring my creative side to life.


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