River Roast Imports – Social Media:

As mention in the other post for River Roast Imports:

My mission for this project was to draw in more individuals to the company that supplies coffee beans to Sugar Shack, Blue Sky Roasting.

The challenge given was to create a brand name, backstory, icon/image/logo and help define the coffee roastery to make it complement Sugar Shack.

Below you will see some of the many social media ideas I came up with to help River Roast Imports get more noticed and gain a larger following.



Similar to other Facebook pages, this page welcomes everyone. It is all about the amazing blends of coffee beans you can get from River Roast Imports. As you can see there are people who are talking their favorite blends, posting pictures, and overall sharing their experience. It is know that people really enjoy sharing things they have enjoyed in the past and or currently enjoying. By sharing things like this on a Facebook group and having this community of coffee lovers all in one place is a great way for River Roast Imports to get noticed more. Also when people share this page, their friends will see it on their newsfeed and it will capture more and more peoples attention. Facebook groups are getting more and more popular by the day. It’s an online community of people who want everyone to experience what they have.




Twitter is another great social media to allow people to retweet and share their experiences with River Roast Imports. As you can see above, there are people tweeting about how much they love their coffee beans! I have also created #RRImports, this way people feel connected with the brand. They can go to River Roast Imports Twitter page and see there tweet that was retweeted. This makes people feel good and want to share their experiences more. Also, if the # gets popular enough it starts to trend and the whole world gets to see it trending. This will chase a lot of people to check it out, making River Roast more likely to succeed.



Personally, Instagram is my favorite social media as well as for many other folks. The River Roast Imports Instagram page I created was a way for them to show the world what they are all about. It is nothing like the Starbucks Instagram page that is very artsy and really focuses on their seasonal blends. The River Roast Imports Instagram page about shows a lot of the different blends we offer and people enjoying them to the fullest. River Roast Imports blends will put a smile on your face in the morning and will get you through a long business meeting as well. This page wants you to comment your favorite blends, ask questions about new ones and overall just be involved with our process.



Snapchat is a new way and super fun way to get noticed. I created this funny filter for River Roast Imports that has a big coffee bean slowly come up when on the filter. As the bean makes his way up, you will noticed a hat appear on your head that says “My bean!” to illustrate you loving your coffee beans! This is a great way to get people involved and wanting to go get their own River Roast coffee beans so they can snap those as well!

All of the social media ideas you have seen above are meant to make you want to get involved and share your experiences. Social media is my opinion has always been a great way to get noticed. Results may not come as soon as you’d like them too but when they start to come in and all River Roast Imports social media sites are blowing up, it will be worth all the posts you had to make.


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