Redesign of La Grotta Ristorante – Website:

There are thousands and thousands of different websites for restaurants of all kinds online. But living in Richmond VA, I would have to say my favorite restaurant in La Grotta. This restaurant is a perfect place to celebrate weddings, anniversaries and family events. The food is fantastic, the wine list is goes on forever and the service is first class. The only thing I do not like about La Grotta is their website and the mobile site.

My mission was to recreate both of these to make it more appealing to look at and easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Below is the redesign on the website:


I suggest checking out their current website, so you have a better understanding as to why I did what I did.

As you can see when you first get on the restaurants website, it should be warm and welcoming. All the colors that I picked for my page are all from the very first picture. It is classy, warm and makes you feel comfortable with what you are looking at. At the very top of the site as well, you will see the inside of the restaurant, so you no longer have to wonder if this restaurant is the best place to go for a romantic date or any other special occasion. There is a brief overview of what the restaurant believes in right below the main picture and than you have exactly what you need to the left to make a reservation for your special night.

Scrolling down you have your lunch and dinner menu. I wanted these menu’s to look like actual menus that you would get at the restaurant. Everything is on one big menu, sure it could be overwhelming but I believe it is easier than looking through a bunch of pages. That gets annoying really quick and most people tend to not look through all the pages anyway. When given just one long list with everything on it, you have everything you need right in front of your eyes to make a decision.

Scrolling down further you will see your wine list. This has the same concept as the lunch and dinner menu. All the wines are categorized and you can see the costs of how much the bottle would be or simply a glass of whatever you would like. I also made a menu for La Grotta’s, cellars reserve list if your feeling really fancy.

After this you will see the wedding parties tab. I just wanted to give everyone a quick overview about how wedding parties are done at La Grotta. After reading the overview there is contact information for people to get even more details over the phone or in person with Andrea Capece. This way you get a general idea and if you like what you read, you simply call or email to get more details.

And than last but not least, you have at the very bottom the contact page. I have made it simple and to the point. I also added parking information because living in the city, it’s mainly street parking and some people don’t like that. So I did display your parking options to make it easier on everyone.

My redesign for this website to help users find what they need as fast as they can but also love what they are looking at.


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