Redesign of La Grotta Ristorante – Mobile Site:

There are thousands and thousands of different websites for restaurants of all kinds online. But living in Richmond VA, I would have to say my favorite restaurant in La Grotta. This restaurant is a perfect place to celebrate weddings, anniversaries and family events. The food is fantastic, the wine list is amazing and the service is first class. The only thing I do not like about La Grotta is the website and the mobile site.

My mission was to recreate both of these to make it more appealing to look at and easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Below is the mobile site:


This is the homepage I have recreated for La Grotta’s mobile site. Currently their mobile site is very unappealing and not clean at all. My design makes it very clear at the top what page you are on and what options you have to click on. I have also added a quick overview of the restaurant and right below that you see what the restaurant looks like. When it comes to restaurants, people really like to see what the inside of what it looks like. And right in the middle of these two pictures is the “Make a Reservation” button. This homepage is clear, clean and appealing. There is not a lot of things going on and that’s what I really like about it. It gives you a brief overview and it’s easy to locate where to make a reservation. Once you click on it, you’d simply be taken to a page to fill out the basic information needed for your reservation. This includes your name, a date and time and how many people will be joining you.




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