VCU Student ID:

Who actually uses their student IDs other than freshman in college who are required to have a meal plan? Below you will see my design for a digital student ID rather than a physical one. In the world we live in today, we are always on our phones. I have created an app design to replace physical student ID’s. This app allows students to login and access the money and or dining swipes they have left on their account. If they are running low, simply click running low and it takes about 2 seconds to add more to your account. Instead of having to wait forever to add more in person. There’s also a discounts page that allows students o get discounts anywhere they go for being a student, pretty cool huh? And than you have your basic settings and preferences page. Make this App personal to you, add a barking noise every time you are running low on money or when you access your building. Student ID’s are about you and this app allows you to do just that.



Alam3 .jpg

Alam  4.jpg

Alam 5.jpg

Alam 6.jpg

This design is meant to be simple yet appealing and very easy to use. No real thinking should be required when using this App. I’ve created it to make student’s lives easier. It is just one less item they have to carry around everywhere they go. This app also allows users to save time and money.

We have all done it, when we go out and lose our student IDs somewhere at a party or a restaurant and hope someone might have picked it up and turned it into the campus police. Most of the time this never happens…so we have to pay 20-30$ each time to replace our student IDs. It’s such a waste of time and money but our IDs allow us access into computer labs, building, give us discounts and most importantly allows us hungry students to get food. This app should help hundreds and hundreds of students avoid that problem and worry about other things like the biology exam next week…GOOD LUCK!


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